PG Gets An Upgrade

Anjel-Ali Ormond
The CATE Department has set up two new media boards in the foyer.

The big and bright screens in the foyer have gained a lot of attention since they were put up on Oct. 4. 

The boards show many things during the school day, like entertainment stories, photos, and school announcements. 

“They’ll show off events and media. Graphic design and animation projects as well as PGTV and newspaper will have pictures, videos, and audio for broadcasting on the campus,” Animation teacher Jennifer Gibson said.

The media boards may seem like they will only be used to show football games, pep rallies, the band performing and much more; but it has more of an educational purpose than you would think. 

There are three students who run the boards and display the information on the media boards.

“Career Tech Education Department bought these to give our practicum and animation students run them. They will manage and operate all three boards,” Mrs. Gibson said.

Senior Animation student Joanna Acosta is one of the three students that operate the media boards. Standing next to her board in the photo, she consistently posts information about school events, staff birthdays, and other key information. “It’s definitely a lot to keep up with,” Acosta said. “I always have to make sure I have accurate information on there and always keep it relevant.”

There has been one media board since last year, but the Career Tech Education Department decided that the school needed an upgrade.

“We wanted each student in the class to be able to run their own board so that was the reason we decided to purchase two more. Also it just enhances the look of the foyer,” Mrs. Gibson said.