A Hand for the Holidays

In November, Keyettes held a canned food drive and made Thanksgiving baskets for families in need in the Pleasant Grove area. They put together a Thanksgiving meal, placed it in a laundry basket, tied a bow and delivered it.

“I really like the Thanksgiving food drive because it stays in our community,” Keyette sponsor Shawn Edmonds said. “We get to be sneaky and put it on their front porch and run.”

This service project has become a school tradition. Mrs. Edmonds and her husband deliver the baskets anonymously every year.

Nistha Neupane
Keyette members Marcie Clayton and Gwendolyn Crabtree pack laundry baskets with food for the homeless.

“A lot of times we do families that have more than one family living together or somebody that have taken in other people’s kids,” Mrs. Edmonds said. “I hope that they feel blessed and they feel that somebody is thinking about them.”

The club also took on another service project when Hurricane Dorian barreled toward Ocracoke Island off the coast of North Carolina and devastated the area. Because their schools were impacted, Keyette members collected items to make the students’ lives a little easier.  

“We collected school supplies for the hurricane victims since they lost their entire school,” Mrs. Edmonds said.

During October, they collected socks for the Battered Womens’ Shelter in town. 

Small service projects can have a large impact, especially during the holiday season, Mrs. Edmonds said. 

“It’s not hard to bring a pair of socks or notebooks,” Mrs. Edmonds said. “Those things really help other people. When we do things like make cards, those personalized items are really special to people who receive them.”