Nistha Neupane
Nistha Neupane is a first year member of The Edge staff. She takes part in the Art Club, UIL Mathematics, Student Council, and Keyettes. Nistha was born in Nepal and moved to Texas in eighth grade. She is quite an explorer and has lived around the entire country (five states to be specific). If you’re ever looking for her, look outside because it’s her favorite place to be. She enjoys singing, playing basketball, swimming, and binge watching Netflix (obviously while eating food). A plate of chicken strips and her mom’s traditional Nepali food will always satisfy her. Growing up in Utah, skiing and hiking were her favorite activities. In the past, she played the saxophone and played soccer, basketball, danced, and gymnastics. She’s thrilled to be a member of the staff, and spend late nights in the newspaper room.

Nistha Neupane, Reporter

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Nistha Neupane