Hawks head to playoffs

After a close game this past Friday, the Hawks (7-3) lost to the Gilmer Buckeyes (9-1) 28-31, dropping their last district game. 

“Both teams played hard and we all really wanted to win,” senior Hayden Koller said. “This loss really hurt because we have beaten them the past couple years and we wanted that district championship.”

The Hawks finished second in district, breaking the three-year district championship streak. 

“The team was really upset after losing the game,” Hayden said. “I think this loss will help give us the motivation to keep practicing and get ready for the next game.”

The Hawks will play against the Bullard Panthers (6-4) for the first round of the playoffs Thursday, Nov.12. 

“We want to go into the playoffs one game at a time like we always have,” Hayden said. “We are working just as hard and we’re hoping for another shot at state.”