Coach Lucas Wacha Drafted to the XFL


Coach Lucas Wacha walks to the sidelines during a Varsity football game here at Pleasant Grove. Wacha plans to join the XFL in the spring, a new football league just recently created.

Last Tuesday, coach Lucas Wacha was selected into the XFL in the seventh round by the Tampa Bay Vipers. The XFL is a professional American football league that has eight teams, and will have its first season in February 2020. 

Coach Wacha talks about his opportunity getting drafted into the league. 

“When I saw this come out it was something that I knew I wanted to do,” Wacha said. “I wanted to get the opportunity to try to make it back to the NFL and I feel like this could be a great chance if I do well out there, so I want to take it and run with it.”

The Pleasant Grove graduate has played for multiple football leagues. After graduating high school, he attended the University of Wyoming for four years. When he went undrafted, he signed with the Dallas Cowboys, and then played in the Canadian Football League in 2018.

After his football career, Wacha plans on continuing coaching. 

“I’ve had an awesome time here, gaining relationships with the coaches and players, and trying to help the players grow as a person,” Lucas said. “I was also trying to help the coaches and they helped me as well to be a better coach. I definitely want to keep on the coaching road and keep going in that aspect of life.”

On December 3, Wacha will attend a mini-camp in Tampa Bay for 16 days. After that, he has two weeks off before he goes to a training camp during pre-season. His first game will be Feb. 9 in New York against the Guardians.