Boys’ Basketball Ends Their Climb To State

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The Varsity basketball team lost 54-58 to Faith Family Christian Academy Oak Cliff. Though their run for the state championship is now over, the team played their best game on Friday, March 1.

Dre Robinson, who plays Forward, said that the team had a good spirit going into the game.

“Everyone was on the same page,” he said. “Each member of the team was focused to play and do their part effectively.”

The game was a close one, with both teams staying on each other’s heels every quarter. The Hawks led the first quarter by 3 points, with the score being 14-11. The second, third, and fourth quarter had the Hawks at a disadvantage by at least 2 points.

Over a thousand people were in attendance to the game, as it took place at Texas A&M Commerce in Dallas.

Coach McCowan led the team to the Regional Round 2 Semifinals.

“The coach gives us a lot of encouragement as a team and helped us to where we are,” said Dre.

The game beforehand against Crandall was also a close one, with the Hawks beating the Pirates 76-67. PG was down 40-15 at halftime, but Coach McCowan got their heads back in the game.

“He told us that we weren’t ourselves right then,” said.”We needed to take the game one possession at a time and work as a team to get going in the game.”

Though the basketball team will not be heading to state, the members have loved the opportunity.

“We are really grateful for this opportunity, and for the chance to be great as a whole. I’m glad that I got a chance to win with my family one last time,” Dre said. “At the beginning, we were the last team to be picked, and it’s crazy to think that we went this far.”

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