Boys’ Soccer Drops Game Against North Lamar

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Varsity Soccer played against North Lamar on Tuesday, Feb 27. They lost 2 to 6.

“North Lamar wasn’t a challenge for us,” said junior Aaron Malone. “But they played a way we didn’t expect and it caught us off-guard.”

After a week off for winter break, the Hawks were a little rusty.

“We had a bunch of position errors, and everyone was playing out of their usual position and most of the guys were overloading the left side and leaving the right side open. We came back from a long break not conditioned at all, so we weren’t prepared,” said junior Anthony Mejia.

The soccer team will play against Atlanta on Friday, March 1.

“I don’t remember a time when we lost to Atlanta,” said Zach Goins. “I think they will be a good team to have a comeback on after this last loss.”

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