Trick-or-Treating: Too Old?


Halie sits with her friends in a dark room with only the T.V. on, watching a horror movie. They jump when they hear someone knock on the door and wonder what’s on the other side.


On Halloween night, students do many activities. Some trick-or-treat with friends, accompany their younger siblings, watch a scary movie, or give out candy do eager children dressed up in costumes.


Students who still hit the streets on the cool night aren’t just looking for a Hershey’s bar.

Freshman Emma Henard still likes to enjoy the magic of Halloween with her friends. 


“It makes my inner child come out again,” said Emma. “I don’t really have the opportunity to be a child anymore because of school and sports.”


There are some students that would still like to trick-or-treat, but they feel too old to be out there with the other kids.


Sophomore Macy Wright wants to go out and trick-or-treat, but she feels like she wouldn’t be accepted by others. 


“You’re usually towering over all the kids and you feel like all the kids and parents are judging you. It takes the fun out of it,” Macy said. “People are just okay with it when you’re younger.”


For those who don’t feel like going out during the night, they prefer to stay at home and relax with a spooky film.


Halie Underwood spends her Halloweens in one of her friend’s house in her pajamas for a classic Halloween movie. 


“It’s better than trick-or-treating because it gets hot outside and watching a movie lets you spend more time with your friends,” said Halie. “Everyone can just relax and not have to worry about dressing up.” 


Halie enjoys being with her friends on Halloween. 


“I just get a bunch of junk food from the Dollar Store, put a Halloween movie on, and make some good memories with my friends,” Halie said. “That makes my Halloween.”