Students to get personal chromeooks


E Jones

Students in math teacher Samantha Durham’s class complete their work online.

In a new program instituted by administration, students will be working from home and school on their own personal chromebooks beginning in late January. The technology department is going to rescind all chromebook classroom sets and reissue all chromebooks as personal computers to each student. The district has already transitioned to a ‘one-for-one’ chromebook program for students at the middle school and hoped to begin the same for the high school at the beginning of the year. However, personal chromebooks assignments were pushed back to the second semester of the school year after delays due to COVID-19. 

The technology department has been planning to transition to the ‘one-for-one’ program district wide since the creation of the ‘long term technology plan’ for the whole district but has only been able to start it at the middle school campus. Currently, the students carry their own Chromebooks with them throughout the day and plug them in to a cart in their last period class. However, this means the students have to retrieve their chromebooks from the last class first thing in the morning. Assistant principal Kristen Giles said the program would not run the same as the middle school. 

“I’m not sure how it’s going to run at the high school, whether or not they’re going to let [students] take [the chromebooks] home or if [students] will have to plug them in on a cart,” Mrs. Giles said. “Going one for one is a big undertaking for just one campus, but for the district as a whole, it’s a lot bigger. There’s just a lot of logistical planning we still have to work on.”

The technology department is currently exploring the possibility of allowing students to have the same chromebook all year and allowing freshman, sophomores, and juniors to check out the same chromebook the next year. Currently, administration provides Verizon hotspots for all remote learners, but they are unsure whether or not hotspots will be provided for individual Chromebooks next year. 

“Even if I do have my own chromebook from the school, I’m just going to bring my own MacBook from home,” sophomore Jack Humphrey said. “I’m not really worried about the school seeing anything on my own personal computer, and my computer works better than the chromebooks anyways.”