Scheduling DMV appointment early saves time, stress


An hour and a half of paperwork? No thanks. Due to tighter Covid-19 regulations, getting a driver’s license may take longer than usual. So waiting until the last minute to schedule an appointment may not be the best route to go. 

“I was extremely nervous to get my license,” sophomore Haylie Teague said. “Most DMV systems were down in Texas when I got there, which didn’t have me thrilled. But as soon as I got to take my test and sat in the car, it was a relaxing process.” 

It’s still currently a challenge to make last minute appointments, but sophomore Rayleigh Derrick thought ahead. 

“I was so relieved that I had thought to schedule two months in advance,” Rayleigh said. “It would’ve been stressful if I had waited. I wouldn’t be able to drive to work and have the freedom I do now if I hadn’t scheduled early.”

For those who aren’t able to make an appointment in town, there are other options. Junior Lexi Snyder found a solution to take her driver’s test in Marshall, Texas at Ms. Angela Drivers License School, which is available for driving lessons or walk in test appointments. 

“My birthday was right around the corner and I was upset when places got shut down because I waited for so long,” Lexi said. “Finding a driver’s test out of town was really easy and made me relieved. Despite Covid, I could still do things I wanted to and feel more independent.”


To schedule a drivers test you can,

  1. Call the office at (903) 255-5750
  2. Visit in person for a walk-in appointment (There will be no guaranteed appointment as pre-scheduled customers are first priority)


Appointments can be made for up to 30 days in advance. For more information on how to schedule your Driver’s Test Appointment, click here.