Newsies comes closer to completion

While COVID-19 complications initially had the cast questioning whether or not they would be allowed to perform, the “Newsies” cast are not only back on track, but ahead of schedule. Per tradition, the first few showings of the production will be reserved for the younger students from the elementary, intermediate and middle school campuses. Those performances are set to take place on Nov. 12.

“We’re not having to worry about the bigger structural things anymore,” senior Lauren Stinard said. “Now it’s just the teeny tiny things we’re getting to work on, which is awesome because those are what really make the show.” 

Despite Newsies being one of the largest productions the PAC has seen yet, the production team is farther along in the show than they were for previous productions. With the majority of the larger blocking, dance learning, and script memorizing finished, the cast had moved on to perfecting the nitty-gritty, becoming focused on the final details before their debut.