Administration offers new transcript, scholarship system for seniors


Graphic by Anjel-Ali Ormond

Students can visit the above website or scan the QR code to be taken to the scholarship website.

For seniors, exciting times are around the corner. Applying to colleges, taking senior pictures, waiting on that letter to see if you got into your dream college, and many more events are coming up. Although these things are exciting, they can also be stressful. Wondering what you’re going to write your college essay over, if your grades are good enough to get in, last minute ACT test taking, and meeting deadlines and getting your transcript can overwhelm any senior.

Since the counselors are very busy all the time, getting your transcript from them can be a hassle. To make it easier on students and the counselors, the high school administration has come up with a solution. If you go to the website and scroll to the academics tab, you will see an option that says “Transcript Request.” You are then directed to Parchment, a service that allows students to get access through their transcript and other school records. After making your account, click “order your transcript,” and fill out your necessary information like your email address and the colleges that you are applying to. After you submit your “order” you can expect to receive your transcript from anywhere from a couple of hours to 2-3 days.

The administration has been using this service to send high school transcripts to the schools that students want to apply to, but they felt that the students should be able to access and send their information themselves.

“We [the administration] have always used Parchment,” said Counseling Assistant Lisa Smith. “But when COVID-19 it became more apparent that we needed this service because… transcripts could go straight to the student’s college.”

 Besides all the stress and excitement of applying to colleges, another stressful thing can be the cost of college. Most colleges are pretty expensive and can cost anywhere on the low end of $1,000 a semester to $75,000. The school now has a “one stop shop” for all scholarship opportunities. The website is Once you log in, the website gives you a database of scholarships to apply to, with deadlines and links to where you can apply. This makes it a lot easier for students and parents to access these opportunities. Students can find scholarships much faster than having to look for them on their own. Go to the website for more information.  


Scholarships that can be found on the website:

  • BrainstormUSA’s Dare to Dream Scholarship
    • Participating students write about a dream that they have, and how they plan to obtain it.
      • Prize: $4,000
      • Deadline: Varies
  • ‘College is Power’ Scholarship
    • Students who are 17 or older can enter for this scholarship. In 150 words or less, they have to answer: “What is your primary goal for going to school?” 
      • Prize: $1000
      • Deadline: December 31, 2020
  • ‘Courage to Grow’ Scholarship
    • Junior or senior students with at least a 2.5 GPA can apply for this scholarship. In under 250 words, they have to answer why they believe they deserve the scholarship.
      • Prize: $500
      • Deadline: October 31, 2020