RBG death, wildfires, elections, and more: Here are 5 things you need to know for the week of September 22, 2020


Photo Courtesy of Noah Berger / Associated Press

A look at the blazing wildfires that are taking over parts of California. California has a problem with wildfires annually, but this year has brought some of the most extreme fires to the west coast.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg dies at 87

Many Americans were shocked at the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg last week on Sept. 18. Ginsburg’s passing was a result of medical complications while dealing with pancreatic cancer. Ginsburg was known for the many battles she fought for gender equality, ever since her first judge appointment in 1980. She was the second woman to be appointed to the Supreme Court. Her body will be lying in repose in the U.S. Supreme Court today and tomorrow, to honor the accomplishments and feats that she made a judge.

California wildfires

Wildfires have been taking over California In the past month, causing many residents to flee to other California areas, and even other states. The wildfire problem can be accredited to the record-breaking heatwave that hit California this summer, causing temperatures as high as 130F in Death Valley. One huge wildfire was started by a gender reveal party that happened over Labor Day weekend, causing El Dorado, California to develop a huge blaze. The skies of California are often colored a bright orange hue, because of the intensity of the blazes. 

Election season is approaching

November is only two months away, and so is Election Day. Democratic Party Nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden attended the Democratic Town Hall on Sept. 17, to advocate his political platform to Americans. President Donald Trump attended the Republican Town hall on Sept. 15. With the election less than 2 months away, now is a crucial time for students who are able to register to vote. The in-person voter registration deadline is Oct. 5, and National Election Day is on Nov. 3. To get more information on how to register to vote, click here.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott relaxes on COVID-19 restrictions

On Sept. 17, Governor Gregg Abbott announced that the majority of Texans will be able to relax their COVID-19 restrictions for some businesses as early as this week, a Texas Tribune article states. Restaurants, health centers, and other select businesses that are not within COVID-19 hotspots will soon be able to be at 75% capacity, in comparison to the current 50% capacity now. 

‘TikTok’ purchasing deal goes through, app to no longer be banned

After U.S. based tech company Oracle offered to buy the popular social media app ‘TikTok’ following the decision for the app to be banned in the United States for national security reasons, President Trump agreed to the purchase and is allowing the app to still operate in the United States. Oracle is partnering with Walmart to create ‘TikTok Global’, an organization that will be headquartered in the United States.