‘W.I.N’ period created for tutoring


Sydney Williams

The W.I.N. period will be held from 9:10 to 9:45 each day.

 For students who need time to catch up with their work or work on UIL academics, the new WIN period will give them that time. 

Over the summer Principal Todd Marshall met with other administrators to work on scheduling that time, and what they came up with was the “W.I.N” period.  

“We wanted to build time into the school day for students to get the help they need. W.I.N. is an acronym for ‘what I need,’” Mr.Marshall said. [WIN] is a time for students who need extra help in a class, if they need to make up work or assignments, or if they want to excel further in that class.”

Administration hopes that students can improve academically by the addition of this period.

 “It’s designed to provide and help support students in whatever they may need because we feel like we need to offer more than just before school,” Mr. Marshall said.

 Students will be eligible to go to other teachers’ classrooms after they are “claimed” by their teachers. 

“Every student will be in a database where a teacher can “claim” a student. For example: If your English teacher has claimed you everyday of the week; you go to her room during that time to get extra help. If you are not ‘Claimed’ you may go work on U.I.L. academics or other classwork assignments,” Mr. Marshall said.

History teacher Leslie Abston said she liked the system that is going to be put in place.

“I like how students are going to have to be in a certain place, and are held accountable for where they have to be. WIN will be successful for students and teachers,” teacher Leslie Abston said. 

Mr. Marshall expects WIN period would start the third week of school.