Principal selected for Hall of Fame

Marshall receives honor from alma mater


Anjel-Ali Ormond

Principal Todd Marshall with the “championship belt”. Principal Marshall awards the belt to students who show outstanding athletic, academic, or leadership achievement across the high school campus.

After creating “the championship belt” to celebrate student successes, Principal Todd Marshall will be celebrating a success of his own. Mr. Marshall was recently elected to the Southern Arkansas University Hall of Fame.

“It’s the Educational Leadership Hall of Fame, that’s what I got my masters in,” Mr. Marshall said. “They give it to former students who received a masters degree in educational leadership at SAU.”

The nomination, which is a huge honor for educational leaders, came as a big surprise to Mr. Marshal. In fact, in 2018 only four educational leaders were inducted into the hall of fame.

“I was very surprised,” Mr. Marshal said. “I found out right before the Christmas break. They called and notified me I had been selected.”

Mr. Marshall never doubted where he wanted to attend college. He wanted to go where his parents went because he knew it was a good school.

“My mom and dad both went to SAU—they’re both Mule Riders — so I always knew that I was gonna go there,” Mr. Marshall said. “So I was very honored and very thankful because that had always been the college I was going to attend.”

Mr. Marshal has not officially been inducted into the SAU Hall of Fame. First, some of the staff from SAU visited PG to interview Mr. Marshall about his plans for the future of the high school.

“They’re doing a little documentary just to see what our school looks like, where I work,” Mr. Marshall said. “They want to see our school and see what we’re doing here.”

The ceremony for Mr. Marshall’s induction is March 31. This award means a lot for the future of this school, he said, and his future as an educational leader. He believes this is going to benefit Pleasant Grove.

“I’m going to use it in a way that benefits the school,” Mr. Marshall said. “That’s the majority of what I talked to [the SAU interviewers] about.”