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The March 24 ACT will be held during school hours, which will be more convenient for students. On Saturday, April 4, another ACT will be held. This test will be held outside of school.

College entrance exam to be offered on campus in March

March 9, 2020

The ACT will be offered at the school for free March 24 for all juniors and seniors.

“The state is actually paying for the juniors, and the school is paying for the seniors,” counselor Louanne Smith said. “We’re making it available for anyone in those grades who want to take it.”

The state has started offering this opportunity all over Texas and having the test during school makes a difference.

“This way, the test is brought to them,” Mrs. Smith said. “Statistically, the kids do better if they take it during the week and don’t have to get up on a Saturday.”

Mrs. Smith said that the counselors have already registered students, but those taking the test will be given a booklet to fill out personal information. They’re encouraged to fill out the optional sections so they can receive more information about their scores, which will help them for college.

“We’re going to fill out the interest inventory part of the test,” Mrs. Smith said. “I’m going to go into English classes and give students their logins, so we can do the interest inventory at that time.”

If students don’t want to take this ACT, they need to be sure to opt out of the test by signing the letter sent home and turning them in to the office.


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