Senior Art Student Wins National Award

Lily Allison’s passion for art wins her prestigious award.


Provided by Lily Allison

A piece of art submitted by Lily for the award.

Even though she is a member of National Art Society with multiple state visits for her artwork, senior Lily Allison was surprised when she found out that she won a prestigious national art award.

“I was definitely surprised,” Lily said. “I thought it was a joke at first, because only a few people get the award each year.”

The Rising Stars Secondary Recognition Award is awarded annually to 50 active members of National Art Society across the country who want to pursue a career in art education. Lily wants to be a high school art teacher after she graduates college.

“[Being a high school art teacher] is a good job,” Lily said. “I enjoy art, and I would love to be able to share that with others through teaching.”

To be considered for the award, she went through a lengthy process that took her a month to submit.

“I had to submit an essay, three teacher recommendations, a 5-image portfolio, and a transcript,” Lily said. “[After I sent it in] it took about two months for them to get back to me.”

Lily has been a member of the art program for all four years, and has been interested in art for even longer.

“I’ve been interested in art since I’ve been able to pick up a pencil,” Lily said. 

She will attend the NAEA Convention in Minneapolis, MN, on March 26 to receive her award. The convention features a panel of award-winning artists who will give classes on different topics, tours, hands-on workshops, and exhibits.