A Whole New World at Pleasant Grove


PGHS Curtain Call Productions

Flyer for Aladdin. It will take place on Nov. 8, 9, 10. Even though the play is free, you still need to get a ticket from Central Office to be admitted.

 Coming to the Performing Arts Center Nov. 8, 9, and 10, Curtain Call Productions will be performing their own rendition of Aladdin. The theater department has been practicing since May of last year to prepare for the musical. Tickets are available now for free at central office or in the front office of the high school. 

Junior Matthew Ash is ready for the first showing.

Emma Beck
Senior Donald “DJ” Whaley dances onstage during a musical number in the play ‘Aladdin’. Donald has been casted as the ‘Genie’ in the musical.

“People should come watch because there are some really talented people performing,” Matthew said. “It’s the best feeling in the world to stand there at the finale and have thousands of people cheering for you.”

The cast consists of:

Donald Whaley: Genie

Clayton Jones: Aladdin

Hailey Shanks-Watson: Ensemble, Shop Owner

Hannah Feeser: Ensemble, Fortune Teller

Trinity Tutolo: Ensemble, Kassim

Jessica Colvin: Ensemble,Babak

Bryce Johnson: Ensemble, Omar

Matthew Ash: Ensemble, Razoul

Deontae Whaley: Ensemble, Guard 1

Paige Garner: Ensemble, Guard 2

Chad Haidet: Ensemble, Apple Vendor

Caurie Beck: Ensemble, Beggar 3

Jett Manning: Ensemble Beggar 2

Micheal McNeal: Ensemble, Attendant 1

Rachel Steed: Ensemble, Attendant 2

Tommy Tye: Ensemble, Prince Abdullah

Emily Litchfield: Ensemble, Iago

Lauren Stinard: Ensemble, Jafar

Carl Mead: Ensemble, Sultan

Caroline Joyce: Ensemble, Jasmine

April McDowell: Ensemble, Isir

Kaylee Sexson: Ensemble, Manal

Emily Mowery: Ensemble,Rajah

Junior Emily Mowery dances during a musical number in ‘Aladdin’.

Madison Blundell: Ensemble

Sara Jayne Burroughs: Ensemble

Aaliyah English: Ensemble

Alyssa Aavard: Ensemble, Flying Carpet

Crew: Clark Edmonds, Josie Veal, Joseph Horvath, Hadyn Knight