Seniors Experience College Fair


Senior Jordan Poe talks to a University of Arkansas college recruiter.

At this point in the year, seniors are trying to figure out what college they want to go to. The college fair is a great way to help that decision.


The college fair was held at Texarkana College yesterday, and many seniors had a chance to look at great schools to apply to this fall.


Senior Emily Pope thinks it’s a great opportunity. 


 “People from different states actually come there and talk to you about different opportunities that you didn’t about if you were just from Texarkana. Someone representing an Iowa school can be at the fair and change your mindset about everything.” said Emily.


Attendance Secretary Lisa Buchanan agrees and thinks its worth going to.

Seniors Harry Overlocke, Samantha Dixon, Cain Bailey, and Ricardo Luna speak with the SAU recruiter. Ricardo Luna recently decided to go to SAU in the fall. “It’s a great school, and the fact that I can go there and be with my friends while learning is awesome.” said Luna.

“You don’t have to go out to every college and look at all of them. You can get pamphlets and talk to them without having to travel too far, and narrow it down from there.” said Buchanan.


The college fair is a great opportunity and can make the difficult choice a little easier.


“It’s certainly worth it, especially if you’re planning to go to college,” said Buchanan. It gives you plenty of options to choose from.”