Crickets, Oh My!


Caroline Joyce

The student section was plagued with crickets at this week’s home game against Carthage.

They were annoying. They were loud. They took up more space on the sidewalk than the fans did. 

And when the game was over, they were crushed along the chairs, sidewalk, and on the bottom of peoples’ shoes. 

“That was the most disgusting thing ever because they were all dead and crushed,” Alysha McClure said. “People throwing them around in the student section was very mean.”

They were the crickets, and they decided to show up to the Carthage game for multiple reasons. 

“The cricket invasion was because the last couple of months have been very dry with high temperatures,” biology teacher Shelby Strawn said. “The crickets kind of all exploded because we had a cooling. That caused them to come out, and they were attracted to the light as well.”

Not only were they on the concrete, but they were also flying around the student section. 

“They were really annoying and there was a lot of them,” sophomore Allie Forand said. “They kept throwing them around in the student section, and it was really distracting when we were trying to watch the game.” 

Aside from peoples’ shoes, the student section, and sidewalk, the crickets ended up in one more unusual place. 

“One got in my hair and this girl behind me started to scream and slapped my head, but she got it out eventually,” sophomore Gracie Carr said. 

The Carthage game may be the last time these jumpy little critters make an appearance this year. 

“Right now we’ve got this cold snap going on,” Mrs. Strawn said. “They have already come out and a lot of them are dead. It’s colder so they’re going to regulate out with their activity level.”