HOSA Reaches Their Goal in October Blood Drive

Cadence Pov, Reporter

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HOSA passed their goal of 68 units with 72 pints of blood last week. As fall creeps around the corner, HOSA prepared for the blood drive, which they do three times a year.

“We do our big one (blood drive) in the fall, and then we have a smaller one around February and then we’ll have another big one, like this one, in April.” said Mrs. Fincher, one of the HOSA sponsors.

HOSA has been planning this event ever since the beginning of October. Students are responsible for specific tasks to make sure the event is under control.

“Some of us are ‘runners’, and that means that we will look on the list of people that are supposed to give (blood), go find their classroom, and bring them down here.” said Kaitlyn Bloomfield who is a HOSA member and also a blood donator. “The people that just help me out give you food and water and everything that you need to make you feel more comfortable.”

Pairing with Lifeshare, the organization has a goal of possibly saving many lives.

“We’re a health service organization, and this is one way we could help someone who needs blood by doing these blood drives.” said Mrs. Fincher “It goes to Lifeshare, the center we go through, and there it’ll be shipped to local hospitals in Arkansas and maybe Shreveport, or wherever blood is needed.”

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HOSA Reaches Their Goal in October Blood Drive