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By Abby Sanderson

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Career and technology students receive big screens, t-shirt screen printer from state funding

From the computers in Mrs. Jennifer Gibson’s room in the 100 hall, senior Sanjay Pokhrel puts the finishing touches on the weekly update and uploads it to the cafeteria’s Jumbotron. During lunch, Sanjay’s work will be broadcast on the screen for everyone to see.

The photos will be submitted by students using the hashtag Sanjay created in his BIM 2 [Business Information Management] class, and there will also be school news briefs and trending topics. At least, that’s the plan.

“I’ve thought about having a general update every week that has news around the school or just what’s trending,” Sanjay said.

And with a 17 by 10 foot screen in the competition gym and a 10 by 6 foor screen in the cafeteria, the new Score Vision Jumbotrons will be hard to miss. If their size isn’t enough to catch everyone’s attention, that’s where the ideas from career and technology students like Sanjay come in.

“Whatever is going on, we want everybody to be aware through these Jumbotrons with LED screens that are crystal-clear and will certainly catch your eye and the attention of the passerby,” Mrs. Gibson said.“We’re hoping to be able to put up students’ birthdays and have a picture of the student on the cafeteria Jumbotron so we can celebrate them and different events that are going on throughout the school and the school district. As long as those students are putting those productions together, whatever ideas they come up with, as long as they’re school appropriate, can be put up on the boards.”

The career and technology students will also be able to contribute their creativity to t-shirt designs as well with a new screen printing machine that has been installed in the 726 CTE lab.

“We thought that Ms. Horton’s students and Animation could design graphics, sports entertainment marketing could come up with taglines on t-shirts,” Mrs. Gibson said. “What we would like to do is have all our UIL students come together and design shirts and instead of outsourcing the shirts to other businesses around town, we can actually have our students design them for a fraction of the cost compared to what we pay outsourced companies.”

And once the screen printer is up and running, Mrs. Gibson has plenty of ideas that she brainstormed with the new STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) director Mrs. Jil McKinney.

“One of the ideas that I talked to Mrs. McKinney about was having the students at the elementary and intermediate schools draw something in their art classes and have those students send their projects to us. My students can scan their drawings in the scanner and colorize everything. Then, we can have the kids’ t-shirts printed and then they can wear their art.”

Both the Jumbotrons and the screen printer were purchased with Career and Technology Allotment funding from the state of Texas, which is like grant money that can only be used for career and technology classes. Mrs. Gibson is the department head for CATE and says that having all these different chances for students to experience real-world business and design markets will make it easier for them as adults because they will have more experience.

“To have these type of skill sets to put on a resume and say, ‘I ran the productions on the ScoreVision Jumbotrons for my basketball teams. I made creative productions and highlight reels for the band and the ensemble or for theater’ is a great opportunity,” Mrs. Gibson said. “You’ve got all of these accolades that you can put on a resume that say, ‘I’ve done something that somebody else that I’ve competing for jobs against has not done because we had this equipment.’”

And, at the end of the day, that’s what Mrs. Gibson says these new additions are all about.

“We’ve got a lot of opportunities for exposing our high school students to jobs and careers that are going to be very prosperous in the future,” Mrs. Gibson said. “Students will not feel like they’ve never seen this or never even heard of this when they’re going into a job and they don’t have the first clue. At least, this way, they’ll have a clue. We’re trying to prepare our students for what’s coming.”

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Jumbo Opportunities, Jumbo Experiences