Students face new rules with new year

Jill Bultemeier, Reporter

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Every school year, the student body automatically assumes that with the new year will come new rules.

After the mandatory assemblies on the first two days of school, many students disagree with the dress code, and the rules banning Sonic drinks and unnatural hair colors. Except that’s nothing new.

“Well, what’s happening is we’re enforcing the rules that existed,” assistant principal Robert Goline said. “The main thing is, we’re concerned about dress code and the violations on dress code. But they’ve been very minor to this point, so that’s not a big issue.”

Many of the rules set for the school are what administrators view as being most reasonable for the school and outdoor environment.

“Why do you need a hat in a building anyway?” assistant principal Robert Goline said.  “Why do you need a headband, why do you need a hoodie? I mean, it’s not going to rain, and we’re certainly not going to have a cold front come through in the middle of August.”

However, it’s not just what students put on their body that worries administrators. What students put in their mouths is often of equal concern.

“The drinks and the foods in the classroom, the halls and all of that, we just have to cut that out,” Mr. Goline said. “Because they get spilled on the carpet, they stain the carpet. Our janitorial staff on this campus, when I first came here, we had seven- we now have three to clean this whole building.”

While the number of janitors working for the school is declining, the number of ants throughout the school is steadily rising.

“We’re not saying a teacher can’t say, ‘I’m gonna have a pizza party’ and have a pizza party,” Mr. Goleen said. “They can have a pizza party- that’s fine. They just can’t have one everyday.”

It’s hard for students to realize that their one spilled Route 44 can cause big problems. But it can.

New carpet was put in when the school was remodeled six or seven years ago, and some of it has already been destroyed due to various food and drink spillages.

“It’s either buy new carpet, or buy the books you need or the computers you need or whatever equipment you need for doing stuff in class,” Mr. Goline said. “What we’re trying to do is balance out our resources, and not have to spend unnecessary money on things.”

That would include spending money on things that could be stolen- because doors around campus are infamous for being open on weekends. Oftentimes this results from the doors not shutting all the way and students leaving the doors propped open when traveling across the campus.

“So every time I came up here last year, I would go around to make sure all the doors were shut,” Spanish teacher Marion Houff said.

Hopefully, doors won’t be a problem this year due to the new rule that prohibits any door that’s not the main entrance or used for athletics from being used to enter or exit the building.

While these rules may seem pointless to the students, ultimately, they’re set in place for their benefit. And Mr. Goline believes that the rules should be no problem for any student in high school.

“To me, if you’re going to be in high school, and you want to be treated like adults, you have to act like adults.”

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Students face new rules with new year