COVID Safe Costumes


Halloween this year is set to be a historic one. It falls on a Saturday, a full moon, and even daylight savings, meaning an extra hour of all the spooks and haunts you can get. Yet, much like everything else with COVID-19 restrictions, modifications must be made to the normal traditions to insure the holiday is safe for everyone. That’s why The Edge has put together a list of costumes that include a mask, meaning you can look great and feel great.

1. The Ninja

Cool and mysterious, this costume leaves the people around you wondering (and a little bit scared).

2. Bane

Bane from Batman.

Fearsome, scary, and public health conscious.

Josie Veal as the Cowboy

3. The Cowboy

This desperado is desperate for you to wear a mask. Bandit or cowboy is up for you to decide, but wearing a mask is not.

4. Genie

Cute and creative, the genie will grant you greatest desire: to have a coronavirus safe costume.

We hope this holiday is spooky and scary for all of our readers, and most of all, safe.

Happy Halloween!