Theater deals with new COVID-19 guidelines for practice, upcoming fall musical


Sydney Williams

Seniors April McDowell and Clayton Jones practice singing their parts for theater’s fall musical, “Newsies”. The cast works hard with COVID-19 guidelines to produce a fall show.

COVID-19 guidelines have put a strain on many school activities, and the schools’ theater company, Curtain Call Productions, is no exception. The theater group is working with guidelines to be able to perform their upcoming fall musical, ‘Newsies’.

The new COVID-19 guidelines require the students to practice social distancing, as well as wear a mask while singing, dancing, and working out. While the new rules make things a bit different, theater is business as usual.

“We are working through it fairly well. It’s difficult to practice speaking and singing with a mask on simply because I can’t see their face,” theater director Debby Sutton said. “As far as choreography, it’s a little harder to breathe in the mask but it is what it is. If you want to perform, you work within the bounds that are given to you.”

Sophomore Micheal McNeal agrees.

”While performing we are also supposed to be singing and dancing.” Micheal said,”The masks don’t hinder your air flow as much but it’s noticeable because the air you normally draw is reduced In my opinion.”

A cast member getting Covid is no small matter. It could spread to other cast members and possibly shut down the whole performance.

“The biggest thing I’d feel if the musical shut down would be disappointment; it’s not only a big thing just for us as a company, group, and as a family but for the community. We hear all the time about schools that really look forward to seeing our show,” senior Clayton Jones said.