Math teacher by day, streamer by night

Statistics teacher Caleb Watson has a unique hobby of streaming video games

   By day, Mr. Caleb Watson is an ordinary math teacher, teaching his students Algebra 2 and Statistics. But at night, he turns his mathematical and gaming skills into a superpower and becomes ThatMathDad, using his powers to game his way to victory and solve math problems along the way.

   “I started playing video games when I was very young. I was probably two when I first picked up the Duck Hunt controller,” Mr. Watson said. “When I was five, for Christmas we received a SuperNES and that is when I started playing Mario. Ever since then, I always had access to a gaming system. It has been something that is second nature to me, and I usually have fun doing it.”

A picture of Mr. Watson’s steaming setup. Mr. Watson streams a variety of games like Fall Guys, Destiny 2. and Skyrim. (Caleb Watson)

   Mr. Watson started his gaming channel in the summer, after figuring out that he could use Facebook for more than just video game content. He uses the channel both to entertain and educate.

   “Since starting the channel, I have also made a Discord channel that will serve as a tutoring hub, where I can answer mathematical questions on-stream and off-stream,” he said.

   Mr. Watson streams on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and weekends on Facebook, Sometimes, he also collaborates with other players.

   “I have done collaborations with other streamers that I have met through this venture,” Mr. Watson said. “It can vary depending on who is available and what I am playing that week or night.”


Mr. Watson, a.k.a. ThatMathDad on Facebook, interacts with his viewers while playing games. (@ThatMathDad via Facebook)

Mr. Watson’s channel is public, so anyone can follow. He currently has over 250 followers. As a variety streamer, he plays many different kinds of games on his streams, including Sea of Thieves, Destiny 2, Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and more. His streams are family-friendly, so anyone can watch him.


   “I am giving not only my students other opportunities to learn, but also other students and parents from across the country and the world that same opportunity. I don’t mind stopping the game that I am on to answer a question or have a night where I only answer math questions,” Mr. Watson said. “I also want to show that there are places that can have meaningful and fun conversations without having to worry about the content being clean.”

   Despite all the “super” things he’s done for his students this way, Mr. Watson doesn’t consider himself a superhero. “I am just trying to create a platform that would be able to reach out to those in need for help in mathematics.”

Mr. Watson’s gaming channel can be found at @ThatMathDad via Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.