Annual Follies planned for the PAC

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When sophomore Lauren Stinard steps on the PAC stage on Jan. 26, it’ll be her fifth year participating in what she enjoys the most: performing and showing off her talents. The Follies is a district wide talent show held every year in January and showcases students what they are passionate about doing. In Lauren’s case, she sings and plays her ukelele every year for the show.

“I always find that it’s very fun,” she said. “I love performing and every time I do it, I always get that adrenaline. It stays with me for like a week, and makes me what to keep doing it.”

The purpose of the Follies is to raise money for theater and the auditorium. Mrs. Debby Sutton and Mrs. Tiffany Beck manage the the Follies every year and make sure everything goes smoothly. The two are very passionate about the show.

“I think it’s fun to see the growth in performers over the years, because we have a lot of students who are repeated performers. You have some who started out in second or third grade who are now in middle school, and it’s just interesting to see,” Mrs. Beck said. “I also think It’s kinda just fun to see what people come up with to perform as well.”

The show also allows an opportunity for anyone any age who wants to be recognized as having a unique talent.

“Anyone in the school can be involved. It doesn’t matter if you’re in theater, in band, or athletics, or anything,” sophomore April Mcdowell said, who has been in the show ever since kindergarten. “You can do it no matter what.”


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