Bangers and Bops


While some people are born with a gift for creating music of their own through singing or playing an instrument, others are born with a different gift: the ability to make absolute banging playlists. 


(That person is me.) 


Although no one has ever expressly said it to me, my taste in music is elite. I know this because science has said so, and you can’t argue with science. 


However, since it is the holidays and I’m feeling generous, I’ve decided to be  charitable and share a few of my playlists with you. A warning to those of the ‘faint of heart,’ some of these songs may or may not be ‘explicit.’ Listen at your own risk or whatever. 


All playlists will consist of a five song sampling for the overall vibe of the playlist, a charcuterie of songs, if you will. 


Playlist 1: i’m on aux at a party, f&*@


The title of this one is a bit self explanatory, but in summation: universal bangers for a large variety of people. 


Track 1: Taste (ft. Offset) by Tyga


Track 2: No Hands (ft. Roscoe Dash & Wale) by Waka Flaka Flame


Track 3: Plain Jane by A$AP Ferg


Track 4: Swang by Rae Sremmurd


Track 5: MIDDLE CHILD by J. Cole


Playlist 2: indie but make it  ✨qUiRkY✨


Ah yes, the track list for all of you out there who think you’re ‘different’ or ‘just really underground’ with your music. Eat your little hearts out. 


Track 1: Favorite Liar by The Wrecks


Track 2: Run by COIN


Track 3: Best Friend by Rex Orange County


Track 4: The Outfield by The Night Game


Track 5: Cold Cold Man by Saint Motel


Playlist 3: aw, youre sad? This will make you feel…better🙃


And last but not least, the quintessential sad playlist. Are you crying? Good. That’s what the playlist is there for. 


Track 1: Times like these by the Eden Project 


Track 2: A Drop in the Ocean by Ron Pope


Track 3: Waves by Kanye West




Track 5: you were good to me by Jeremy Zucker, Chelsea Cutler