Homecoming Dress-Up Week

Marvel Monday

Senior Kaitlyn Wells(right) poses with her Spiderman shirt on for ‘Marvel Monday’.

“My favorite superhero has always been Spiderman since I was a kid, so I decided to wear a Spiderman shirt. I found this one at Target the night before. I thought it was cool to see everyone’s superhero shirt,” said Senior Kaitlyn Wells.

Toga Tuesday

Sophomore Supriya Sharma poses in her toga-themed outfit. (Sarah Johnson)

“This outfit was inspired by Hebe, a greek goddess of health and beauty however I wanted to take a modern-day look. The shirt was from my aunt and the jeans were from American Eagle. The vine crown was crafted together by getting some vine from Hobby Lobby and getting taping the ends together. The green vine represents health and the jewelry shows beauty,” said Sophomore Supriya Sharma.

Way Back Wednesday

Sophomore Bridgette Lundy poses with English teacher Mrs. Dickeson. (Bridgette Lundy)

“My grandma made the jumpsuit and she wore it in the 70s and everything else she put together the night before from things she had at her house,” said sophomore Bridgette Lundy.

Teacher Twin Thursday

The girls’ soccer team poses with Coach Allen. (Coach Grey)

“I already owned the outfit and honestly it was the best experience I’ve ever had in school, plus I think it was great team bonding,” said Senior Francie Martin. “The vitamins in that water that Coach Allen gave us made me feel like a really healthy individual.”

On Friday, the administration announced students and teachers who won overall awards.

Best Dressed All Week: Senior Tucker Anderson

Best Hallway: Student Council

Best Teacher Costumes: History Hallway