The new norm

The norm for me was when I sat down in a busy classroom with the teacher saying what the plan was for the day. I would get out my pencils and notebooks and ask my teachers whenever I had problems understanding a lesson. I would talk and socialize with my friends at lunch or after school. That was every day for me, and a lot of people could relate as well. Now, ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone’s lives were put on pause. No more hanging out with friends. No more going to eat all the time. No more physical school.
It has been about 6 months ever since quarantine took effect. It all happened in the blink of an eye. At first, it was difficult adjusting to online classes. I often felt behind and unmotivated to finish my assignments. Students and teachers alike had to adjust to this new norm. The abrupt switch to online school had everyone scrambling and confused on what to do. Without a classroom setting, I felt so lost but not defeated. Luckily, I passed all my classes with flying colors.
Summer vacation happened, and to be fair, I didn’t do anything. I couldn’t do anything fun. I spent all my time cooped up inside watching Netflix and Facetiming my friends. It all felt like May, June, and July were rolled up into one huge month. I remember it was early July, and the spike for coronavirus cases in Texas took me by surprise. I kept an eye on the number cases and deaths as they went down and up and down and up constantly.
When August rolled around, I knew I had to make a decision. Either continue remote learning or go back to school with lots of people close to each other. I ended up choosing to continue learning online.
Part of the reason why I chose to be a remote learner comes from the fact that for the time being, I don’t feel safe going back to such a big setting. I have also gotten so used to working from the comfort of my own home that I felt like that was the best choice. It motivates me to work harder on my projects and turn them in on time. I do miss my friends and a typical classroom setting sometimes, but from my own home, I have more freedom to do things such as doing my laundry and chores during free time. Back in March, we were expected to get our assignments done by the end of the week. But now, I can’t sleep in. I have to actually get up and show my face on the screen and do my work on time just like the people going back on campus.
Only time will tell when I’m going back to school physically. It might be next month or next semester. For now, my new norm is opening my laptop and waiting for my teacher to start the new lesson.