Quarantine vibes

A picture of Conners avatar in Animal Crossing.

Conner Payne

A picture of Conner’s avatar in Animal Crossing.

With the world unfolding all around us, I have reverted back to my ‘emo phase’. I’ve logged back on to my old social media accounts and abandoned all playlists that don’t include My Chemical Romance, Paramore, All Time Low, Panic! At The Disco, Falling in Reverse, Papa Roach, the list goes on. I’ve been playing guitar again in hopes of joining a pop-punk band when this is all over. All the clothes at my mom’s house are old band shirts, mostly black, and a couple of concert hoodies, that are also, mostly black, and because of the closure of nonessential businesses, I haven’t been able to get a haircut in over a month, so my dark hair is past my eyes and I look like someone you see working at your local Hot Topic.

I am in debt to a hawaiian-shirt wearing, coffee-drinking raccoon. His name is Tom Nook and he’s a wholesome, yet greedy capitalist. I’m sure you’ve seen all the memes but Animal Crossing is no joke. I spend day after day, catching bugs and fish and digging up fossils to sell to Tom’s nephew’s, Timmy and Tommy. After earning bells to pay off my home loan, Nook reels me back in and I do the exact same thing over again. He’s the king of pyramid schemes. All while I’m on a merry go round of loans, I also take care of my animal residents by gifting them clothes and talking to them every day. This is the only social interaction I am able to get in these trying times. It’s a nice escape from the world around me, where cute animals in cute clothes clap when I do literally anything.

I casually started Grey’s Anatomy a month before quarantine to impress a girl, but since I have had nothing better to do, I ended up watching all 16 seasons religiously. I did not start this melodramatic soap opera with the intention of becoming obsessed, but that is what happened. I couldn’t help but play the next episode. This show has put me through multiple unprecedented deaths, wholesome marriages, and nasty divorces, a couple of explosions, a shooting, surgeons with secret brain tumors, custody battles, hospital mergers, and new characters every season. It’s a lot to keep track of, but show creator Shonda Rhimes manages to keep me and other Grey’s fans coming back for more, even though she ruined Alex’s character development by making him leave his wife for Izzie Stevens, who we haven’t seen since season 6.