2020: A (Not So) Great Year

Seriously, what is going on with 2020? This has got to be one of the worst years of my life, and I’m a teenager.

I started off the year looking at all the WW3 memes on social media. And the fact North Korea warned us about a “Christmas gift” beforehand didn’t help either, though the memes gave me a laugh or two.

Across the world, Australia was up in flames with bushfires and a severe drought. While it’s gotten better, I still fear the lasting effects will continue to hurt and kill the animals and plants in Australia.

The deaths of Kobe and Gianna Bryant affected me, and I’m not even a big sports fan. Just the fact that such an influential basketball player and his daughter had to leave us so soon makes me upset, and I continue to miss them every day.

Finally, we cannot forget about this insane coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak by the end of this year or ever. Currently I’ve been in quarantine for about a week, and I’ve felt many emotions in that short span of time: boredom, fear, frustration.

School isn’t open until May 3, but who knows if that will be a permanent date. As a junior with the possibility of school being cancelled for the rest of the year, it doesn’t affect me as much as the seniors. But I feel sorry for the seniors who have their prom and last year of high school gone. 

Ever since quarantine, I’ve been lying in bed watching the hours pass. Of course I have hobbies, such as painting or watching Netflix. But I miss staying busy (which is why I’m grateful for online classes.) 

I wonder if 2020 will be in a history book or lesson in the future. That would be so interesting, and I would have something to look back on and say “I survived that.”

As all these events unfold and it only being March, I grant 2020 as a not-so-great year and the year with the weirdest vibes. Congratulations.