Cats: How Can A Movie Be This Bad?

With it’s release being anticipated for a long time, “CATS” film was a disappointment for the audience.


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The movie had a $95 million budget, but is estimated to lose $70 million as it debuts.

    Despite a promising, talented cast including stars such as Taylor Swift, Jennifer Hudson, and Idris Elba and a $95 million budget, Cats (2019) was a cinematic fever dream. The film lacks a sense of direction, any basic storytelling, and all visual appeal. While the Broadway musical remains the highest grossing Broadway show of all time, the 2019 film can barely stand on two legs.

    The movie gives no context to what is happening at any point in time. You follow the main character, Victoria, around the cat-sized city, meeting different cats. Those cats sing a song, then almost immediately after, are vanished away by the movie’s villain, Macavity. No one knows why this evil flying cat played by Idris Elba can Thanos snap cats away, but he can. He eventually snaps the most important cat, Old Deuteronomy, and then the magic cat, Mr. Mistoffelees, has to bring her and the other cats back. Then eventually, Jennifer Hudson sings ‘Memory’ and goes to what I think is supposed to be cat heaven in a hot air balloon.  

    As you’ve seen from the trailers, the animation is utterly frightening. The science behind the character design is even worse. Humans covered in fur with cat ears and tails is what I see in my nightmares. The cats don’t wear clothes, except for Jason Derulo’s character Rum Tum Tugger, and a railroad cat who, for some reason, wears pants and shoes.  Worst of all, you get to watch Rebel Wilson’s character rip off her skin to reveal a sparkly, pink pants suit all while she dances and sings with mice and cockroaches. 

    I only went to see this movie because my favorite artist, Taylor Swift, was starring in it, but don’t be fooled. She is only in this movie for five full minutes.  So while waiting for her appearance, I sat through whatever this movie was. I would give anything to unwatch this movie.