My Peaked Interest in WikiHow

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Surprisingly, I have gone all my life without getting a manicure. It’s not that I’ve avoided it, I just had never gotten one until homecoming. I broke one nail after two weeks and needed to get it off, so I resorted to the most helpful website Google offers: Wikihow. While I was on there I happened to get suggested some interesting articles like ‘how to feed a hermit crab’, or ‘how to sing acapella’. Although those are interesting, I fell down a loop hole and found even better ones that I wanted to try out.

I wanted to try out something I’ve been doing wrong my whole life: How to walk. The first thing you have to do is stretch and that’s something I’ve never done before. My parents obviously didn’t teach me right. After the stretching the next step is to place one foot in front if the other, and that’s it. That’s how you walk. It’s very complicated.

I really wanted to try doing this one article about how to become a vampire, but my parents said no. But just in case anyone else wants to try it out, I’ll cover some key points.

You have to start after the weekend or break and you have to do little things like barely blink and look like you’re not breathing. You can’t be social, unless it’s with other vampires, so I recommend you start this with a couple friends. My favorite step is if someone gets close to you, hold your breath, scoot away, and clench your fist. After a week of that, you’re now a vampire.


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My Peaked Interest in WikiHow