Robotics Team to Compete in Regionals

Sophomores Nathan Hutcheson and Campbell Jackson use the robots they designed to play soccer against other classmates to train for their UIL competitions.

February 19, 2020

After qualifying at an earlier tournament, the robotics team will compete in the Texas Region 2 Championships in Terrell Saturday. The team of sophomore Campbell Jackson, Jacob Jones, Nathan Hutchinson and Jakob Fontenot built their robot, which they named “Mystery Machine,” in their robotics class,...

Class Officer Results Are In!

Class Officer Results Are In!

September 18, 2019

Elections for class officers took place today during school lunches. Here are your 2019-20 class officers.   Freshmen President - Supriya Sharma Vice-President - Kenley Cordray Secretary - Rhett Gatlin Treasurer - Presley Humphrey   Sophomores President - Lexi Sn...

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