Students affected by entertainment media that doesn’t always reflect American culture because of lack of representation

Students affected by entertainment media that doesn’t always reflect American culture because of lack of representation

Delaynie Keeney, Editor February 11, 2021

It was like any other Friday night. Senior Selena Lam and her friends sprawled out on the couch with a bowl of Funyuns and a remote in hand. Netflix’s red logo popped up on the TV screen. As “The Office”...

Graphic by Anjel-Ali Ormond

Scholarships for Black Students

Anjel-Ali Ormond, Online Editor-in-Chief February 10, 2021

With college application season upon us (and college tuition not getting any cheaper), many high school students are looking to take advantage of as many scholarship opportunities as they can. In light...

Athlete faces, overcomes fight against physical condition

Athlete faces, overcomes fight against physical condition

Gillian Knowles, Online Editor-In-Chief November 9, 2020

Heavy.    The volleyball weighed hundreds of pounds in senior Macy Young’s hands.    She tossed up the ball, stumbling over her steps as she approached the serving sweet spot....

COVID Safe Costumes

COVID Safe Costumes

October 6, 2020

Halloween this year is set to be a historic one. It falls on a Saturday, a full moon, and even daylight savings, meaning an extra hour of all the spooks and haunts you can get. Yet, much like everything...

I saw a bunch of TikToks about people redoing their home screens to fit their aesthetics, and I decided to do it. I really enjoyed it because I could have more than one picture on my home screen, and I could make my home screen more personal to me. It only took me about thirty minutes, even though I heard people spent hours on theirs. Its something really minuscule, but I really like it because it makes something thats usually pretty boring and bland that I look at all day into something that fits me and it fun to look at.

IOS14 update allows students to be creative

Gillian Knowles, Reporter September 29, 2020

iPhones are known for their dynamic, streamlined design. Now, however, Apple users are able to take their home screens to a whole new level. In the latest software update, IOS14, users gained the ability...

Seniors April McDowell and Clayton Jones practice singing their parts for theaters fall musical, Newsies. The cast works hard with COVID-19 guidelines to produce a fall show.

Theater deals with new COVID-19 guidelines for practice, upcoming fall musical

Sadie Moore, Reporter September 15, 2020

COVID-19 guidelines have put a strain on many school activities, and the schools' theater company, Curtain Call Productions, is no exception. The theater group is working with guidelines to be able to...

Mr. Watson streams games under the alias @ThatMathDad on Facebook. Students can interact with his stream, watch him play, and even ask for math help.

Math teacher by day, streamer by night

Statistics teacher Caleb Watson has a unique hobby of streaming video games
Ellie Anderson, Reporter September 14, 2020

   By day, Mr. Caleb Watson is an ordinary math teacher, teaching his students Algebra 2 and Statistics. But at night, he turns his mathematical and gaming skills into a superpower and becomes ThatMathDad,...

Remote-learning students attend classes synchronously with in-person students. The school district uses Google Meet to teach lessons online.

Homeschool hardship

Remote-learning students start class online, face unique challenges
Gillian Knowles, Reporter September 5, 2020

Going to school in your pajamas, learning algebra in bed, and doing biology on the couch has been a long standing dream for students. Yet, when that dream became a reality, many students found that school...

The Asian giant hornet, also known as Vespa mandarinia, has recently come to the United States. The hornet is recognizable by its cartoonish scowl, with teardrop black eyes, and spiked shark fin mandibles.

‘Murder hornet’ enters the United States

Anjel-Ali Ormond, Online Editor-in-Chief May 5, 2020

I’m convinced that we are living in the apocalypse.  The Asian giant hornet, commonly known as the ‘murder hornet’, kills bees by detaching the bee's body from its head. The hornet has a stinger...

Junior Lawson Lee comforts a rescue dog. Lawson volunteers at the animal shelter in his free time for his community service activity.

Lending a Paw

Students volunteer at animal shelter, learn from experience
Nistha Neupane, Reporter February 27, 2020

As junior Gillian Knowles reaches out her arm to touch him, he snaps his head around and pounces, his teeth bared and his eyes flashing. But because Gillian knew about the “demon cat’s” habits,...

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