Apps around the Grove

For school

  • Quizlet – Quizlet offers flashcards and electronic games for anyone wanting to learn vocabulary words. Users can create their own flashcards, share them, or add them to folders to make it more organized.
  • Duolingo – This app makes it easier for students to learn another language. It comes with games, achievements, and reminders to play so that you can ace that Spanish test.
  • Photomath – Stuck on an algebra question? No problem, just simply scan the problem with this “camera calculator.” This app gives answers to math equations and also offers a step-by-step solution onscreen.

For editing

  • Prisma – A useful app if you really want your pictures to pop. This app offers many filters that can turn your plain selfie or group picture into a work of art.
  • VSCO – VSCO allows you to change your photo’s exposure, focus and more. A lot of people use this app to make their Instagram feed stand out.
  • Phonto – Phonto is an app for putting text on pictures. It has over 400 fonts to choose from and allows you to install other fonts. You can change the text to by curving it, changing the color or size, changing the opacity, and many more features as well.
  • Magisto – For the video editors on a budget, you can easily edit videos and add music to it with Magisto.
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Apps around the Grove