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Getting In Sync

Kenzie Floyd, News Editor

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It’s the big buzz all around PG. Students have heard about it on the announcements, around school, and even taken time out of class to practice for it. Pleasant Grove may not be one of the first schools to do it, but now we aren’t holding back.

It is the lip dub.

The first lip dub started in 2006, when Jake Lodwick, co-founder of Vimeo, was bored and videoed himself lip syncing while listening to his iPod. He worked with the video and later put it online. After that, it went viral. Countless high schools, colleges and offices are now posting their own lip dub videos on YouTube. Now it’s Pleasant Grove’s turn to go all out and make a mark on the lip dub craze.

“It all started when Mrs. Harris [Charla Harris, journalism teacher] showed me a lip dub video from a different school,” theatre director Debby Sutton said. “After that, Mrs. Beck [Tiffany Beck, drill team director] and I started choreographing for our own lip dub and it turned into a really big deal school-wide.”

The lip dub will be recorded all in one take, with no stopping and restarting or video editing.  It will start in the main office, tour the entire school, and end in the old gym. Each third period class will be staged in the hallway with their own theme and unique choreography, and the camera will focus on one class for about four to five seconds and move on to the next. Besides the classes dancing and lip syncing, there will be a few main people leading the camera around and dancing all throughout the hallways.

Even though every class has a theme, students have a chance to show their individuality by wearing a uniform or bringing a prop to class with them. For example, Showstoppers will be wearing their whites and band members will be able to bring their instruments to class. Everyone is asked to wear black and gold “Hawk Nation” gear.

“All students are encouraged to show individuality, because not only do the sports teams and extracurriculars matter, but each student’s own personality makes up who we are as a high school,” Mrs. Sutton said. “The lip dub is going to showcase all of the individual pieces that fit together to make PGHS.”

The lip dub is going to take participation from everyone at the school. According to Mrs. Sutton, this is Pleasant Grove’s chance to show school pride and get noticed for it.

“I’m surprised we’re doing the lip dub, but I’m really excited about it,” freshman Holly Stouffer said. “It’s a fun and exciting way to show all the separate parts of our school and all the pride we have.”

There will be a full dress rehearsal on Tues., Jan 24, and the final filming will take place on Thurs., Jan 26.

“We have spent a lot of time planning and practicing,” Mrs. Sutton said. “Hopefully everyone will be excited about being involved and work hard to make a great video.”

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pleasant grove high school newspaper, texarkana, tx
Getting In Sync